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HDMI CEC Whitepaper
CEC-Arduino code


The CEC protocol used for device control over HDMI is supported by most TV vendors, and is well documented. Prior to the cec-aruino, there were no inexpensive & opensource options for tapping into this bus. Thus far, no GPU vendors offer any support for CEC bus access(physical, logical, or driver level).


Some great folks on the arduino forums have contributed circuit design and code for interfacing with the CEC bus using the Arduino platform. View the thread here.

Also visit the Google Code project page for cvs access, issues, and other info.

Notes on HDMI-CEC adapter design

My prototype

Using the toner transfer method (and a lot of patience) I etched a circuit board. I used a drill press and very small bits to create holes for component leads. The pin spacing on the HDMI connector is .5mm, which was a little challenging to solder, but not as difficult as I thought it would be.
Toner transfer template

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